The Million Dollar Hotel

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The Million Dollar Hotel

Postby jman » Wed May 24, 2000 2:25 am

Why is it taking so long for this film to reach the US? I mean, think about it:

1) directed by Wim Wenders, arguably one of the best directors of the 20th century, coming fresh off the success of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB
2) stars Mel Gibson (ie. has star power)
3) is in English (critical for American audiences)
4) soundtrack by Bono + U2

What more do you need?

Re: The Million Dollar Hotel

Postby Sarah » Wed May 24, 2000 5:02 am

I have been desperately hoping it will come out in the US too... It's scheduled to come out all over Europe and in Asia already, but no US date yet....argh!

Hey - I hope you read alt.movies.wim-wenders if you're interested in Wenders. A quiet group but with a few more people....

Re: The Million Dollar Hotel

Postby dan-2 » Sun Jun 04, 2000 5:04 am

E.L. Doctorow once opined that films were about one of two things - faces or explosions. Look at the current crop of Hollywood releases. Despite some marvelous actors, explosions proliferate . . .

Re: The Million Dollar Hotel

Postby nitin jagdish » Wed Feb 07, 2001 1:30 pm

cut to 8 months later. 'the million dollar hotel'
is just now getting reviewed in the u.s.
nitin jagdish

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