Foreign Film Survey

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Foreign Film Survey

Postby lloyd.krasuski » Wed Sep 20, 2000 8:24 am

As part of my thesis, I am conducting a survey of Americans' film-viewing habits, especially regarding foreign films and subtitling vs. dubbing. Please take the survey by visiting the following site:
Thank you,

Re: Foreign Film Survey

Postby frangor » Sat Jan 06, 2001 6:41 pm

Hello my name is Scott and I am English but I would like to check out the survey anyway.

Re: Foreign Film Survey

Postby georgedd » Fri Oct 19, 2001 8:16 am

I am very interested in seeing your site as I am looking for
info as to foreign films broadcast in the US, but I was unable to access the site. Would you please send info to me at <>

Many thanks -

George Darley-Doran

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