age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

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Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby mukhos17 » Tue Jul 17, 2001 10:40 am

Hi everybody. Posting after a long hybernation. I do have a little problem in comprehending the word "foreign" film. What do you mean by "foreign" films? Is it non english films or is it non american films? I am an Indian, for me all non Indian films are "foreign" films. Be it English, American, French or Chinese. So you see there is a inherent dichotomy in the definition of foreign film itself.
its a pity that the point of reference of everything has already shifted to america/english!
Long live american hegemony, long live unipolar world.

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby katsuben » Thu Jul 19, 2001 4:27 am

to me there are certain non-english language speaking movies that i wouldn't naturally label "foreign" if, for instance, they used a hollywood continuity aesthetic. basically, there are 1) films, and 2) people who watch them. "foriegn" is obviously a poor signifier. now, unless we are going to undertake a discursive formal analysis of various national cinemas, we've probably reached an impasse. . .

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby TwoFourFixAte » Fri Aug 03, 2001 5:09 pm

tes ting

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby bdk160 » Fri Aug 03, 2001 9:54 pm

I am 41 - and am interested in various genres from across the big pond (ok-Mexico also). Unfortunatly I am "exiled" in North Carolina where very few "limited release" films are shown. Duke or UNC-CH do help but for the travel time.
I do agree that USA is not as bad as represented, but search you must. Hollywood has sold its self so the studio system is long dead - they did make GREAT MOVIES - mostly - I believe because of the German influence in the 20s and 30s

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby Mezzosoprano » Mon Aug 06, 2001 3:10 pm

I am 37. I have been watching foreign films for several years, however, my local Blockbuster store does not have a very good selection of such films. I just watched Akiro Kirasawa's film "Dreams" and thought it was wonderful. I think the most powerful segment of the film was the dream "The Tunnel", it was a tear jerker. I think foreign films are so much better than american films. The subject matter is far more reality based. American films are filled with so much sex and violence that it is pathetic.

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby jimbofiggis » Mon Aug 13, 2001 1:47 am

22 here...not exactly a foreign film buff, but passionately love cinema in general. I have not resorted to watching foreign cinema as a means of disregarding the mediocrity that plagues most mainstream films...I have nothing against conventionality...if a film is genuinely engrossing, I appreciate it whether its formulaic or not. Even though foreign cinema undeniably has more to offer, there is nothing inherently wrong with Mel Gibson and Julia fact, what truly irks me is any insistence to go against the flow just because...THAT to me is unoriginal. A reformed film geek, I now watch movies with a less critical eye, while before I piously deconstructed them to shreds...this gives me more time to enjoy them (who knew!)

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby HASSELBAINK007 » Tue Aug 14, 2001 4:01 pm

In Reply my Name is Rob i am from London and i`m 37 my main passion in French cinema although i have a huge collection of world cinema over 700 Films now.I Holiday 3 times a year in France especially when i want to see the latest french films and cannot be bothered to wait for them to come out on Video in England.I Usually rent a house in the French country side in the middle of no-where and it really is an incredible to enjoy a relaxing holiday in France and it really is like the films they produce.We are lucky as they built the Channel Tunnel in 93/94 and we can get on a train and it goes under the English Channel and we drive of the other side in 35 Minutes and gives us a gret opportunity to explore France,mind you England is nice as well,All the Best,,,Rob

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby Dlosconos » Fri Sep 07, 2001 1:26 pm

Genghizkan66, The movie whith Victoria Abril that you saw is;Amantes (The Lovers, Atrue story)The director is Vicente Aranda .And is from 1991.Is based ina true crime in the 1950s.It was a big scandal in Franco`s Spain.He kills her in fron of the 13 century Burgos Cathedral,and ist was named inthe Yellow press "El Crimen de Burgos" (The Burgos Crime)

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby sobejac16 » Sat Sep 08, 2001 9:58 am

Hello guys, I am new here, thanks to a friend who in-
troduce me to this paradise of FILMS lovers. Free free t
to e-mail me anytime. I am 57y/o. I was born in Havana,
where movies from all the world always ran...I saw
Rashomon on tv THEN!!! Well, I just want to say that
the italian actress Silvana Mangano became a interna-
tional star in Bitter Rice. Later in Anna (1951) di-
rected by Alberto Lattuada. The italian tittle of this
film is A Husband for Anna. After in 1954 she was the
star of a film call Mambo, directed by Robert Rossen,
and shoot in real locations in Italy. This film I saw
it in Havana when I was a kid, and never, ever, I saw it again. Very hard to find it. The film has a great cast
Vittorio Gassman, Shelley Winters, Michael Rennie, Mary
Clare, Eduardo Ciannelli and Katherine Dunham (You can
have a glance of Eartha Kitt who was a dancer of the
ballet company of Ms. Dunham).
I must go to my gym. Before I have to tell to Gengys
that I also am a admirer of the "Asian Phenomenom".

Re: age...just wondering how old you people are;O)

Postby PunkWashGurl » Sun Sep 09, 2001 2:47 am

im 15...


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