Mo Gong (A Battle Of Wits) (2006) (Hong Kong)

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Mo Gong (A Battle Of Wits) (2006) (Hong Kong)

Postby hengcs » Mon Jul 23, 2007 1:30 am

Director: Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung
Cast: Andy Lau, Ahn Sung-Ki, Fan Bing Bing, Nicky Wu,

The official site

It is a film from last year, but I have been procrastinating it. Here is a great review, but with the ENTIRE story told (incl. spoilers) ...

My thoughts
Even if you were to know the ENTIRE story, you shld give this film a watch if you love PHILOSOPHIZING about war and peace ... in fact, it is the more often discussed aspect of the film rather than the story or the acting ... it is the many thought provoking LINES delivered ... they are often worth pondering over, and you may want to judge for yourself ... is it idealistic or is it what the world should strive for ...

My only qualm with this film is: The love story btw Andy lau and Fan Bing Bing. I really think it is unnecessary ... prob to bring in the female audience who may otherwise dismiss it as a "male" movie ... but frankly it isn't ... also, due to its release last year, some feel that it is targetted at the war in this present world ...

In case you are worried about it riding the waves of period drama, nope, it does not ... it is not exactly like CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, HERO, CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER, THE PROMISE, THE BANQUET, etc

It does not have over the top grandiosity or color or costumes or flying ... it is mainly in earthly brown colors, plain costumes, and ancient warfare ... in essence, i have suggested that you watch so that it provides some talking points for you and your partner/friends ... about war and peace ...

Give it a try ...

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