Salty Air (L'Aria Salata) (2007) (Italy)

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Salty Air (L'Aria Salata) (2007) (Italy)

Postby hengcs » Thu May 24, 2007 2:51 pm

Director: Alessandro Angelini
Cast: Giorgio Pasotti, Michela Cescon, Giorgio Colangeli

Fabio (Giorgio Pasotti), a social worker, gets assigned to a newly transfered murderer (Giorgio Colangeli), who has been sentenced to 20 years. Within several minutes of their initial meeting, Fabio was in shock ... why?!

* note: nearly all synopsis gives this away, but i shan't *

My thoughts
I am surprised few critics talk abt it ... although it does not boast of complicated plot twist, I think it excels in depicting human relationships, complex emotions, and a great performance by the two male protagonists and the female sup actress ...

belying the obvious plot, it also poses numerous philosophical questions, about life, about love, about family ... about understanding and misunderstanding, about caring and uncaring ... about reform, repent and the penal system ... in essence, about humanity ...

Highly recommended ...

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