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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2001 7:00 pm
by cinemasmooch
This independent American film is by Hollywood director Joel Schumacher, who's taken a 180 degree turn in his style with it's gritty look. It takes place in 1971, where in Lousianna, the Army had put together a training camp that was the closest thing to Viet Nam for it's soldiers bound for the land of rice paddies. It stars a great actor new to movies from Ireland, Colin Farrell, with an American accent. You can check out the website at for lots of info and photos. I don't know what Roger's said about this film, but I highly recommend it.

Re: Tigerland

PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2001 7:47 pm
by chris
Yes Smooch and I do agree with you very much.Just when you're about to give up on the same Hollywood nonsense(which Schumacher had a large hand in)he pulls this film out of his hat.Bravo for him and maybe other directors of his ilk can follow.