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Re: wrong kar-wai

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2001 1:37 am
by nana
um...i think, if i remember it correctly, wkw next schedule
film is 2047. it was suppose to star faye wong (the free-spirit in chungking express) in a sci-fi. it would be the 50th anniversary of china reclaimation of hong kong.
...that was over a year ago and i haven't heard anything since.

regarding the stock footage near the ending, i don't seriously think he wanted to imply any particular intrepetation, message to it. i'm drawing this conclusion based on...

1. all his previous films seems not to politically motivated to the least and nothing explicitly involving imperialist issues(though in happy... he footage the death of the chinese government head). remind me if i'm wrong.

2. i read through most of wkw, the book, which he insisted that most critics tend to over analyis his films. he stated that some of the over read parts of his films are created solely for practical, technical reasons.

well...maybe it is the beginning of more politically oriented wkw godard after '68?
and in the book, maybe he just wanted to avoid explaining.

finally, i think he just want us to keep guessing, about
what exactly? it really doesn't matter.
ps. wkw doing a sci-fi...that's quite interesting, wouldn't you say?

Re: wrong kar-wai

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2001 8:01 pm
by acquarello
Duh! No wonder I couldn't find the Voice article, it was The Onion :(

Wong spoke in plural, so I assumed that it was the same cast, but after re-reading the article, he doesn't really specify.


Re: wrong kar-wai

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2001 8:19 pm
by katsuben
to hell with In the Mood for Love, another Faye Wong film?!? At last. (btw, any film director's assertion that critics over-interpret is merely a consciously subjective point-of-view. isn't it necessary to try and find the implicit text and unconscious intent of a film through discursive strategies?)

Re: wrong kar-wai

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2002 6:48 am
by mackybaca
Sorry for sounding so naive and stupid, but was the girl's kid a product of their affair? and could anyone explain in layman's terms the significance of cambodia in the end?

Re: wrong kar-wai

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2002 4:10 am
by klyph
how can you compare "in the mood for love" with "yi yi"? they are two completely different films from two completely different countries. i think you're pretty shallow to make such a comparison.