these films...which 4?

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these films...which 4?

Postby nana » Tue Mar 27, 2001 9:35 am

which of these recent films should i see? i think i can see about four atmost.
1. the wind will carry us
2. the weekend
3. soloman and gaenor
4. malena
5. left luggage
6. faithless
7. chunhyang
8. goya in bordeaux
9. momento

i think i will see momento and the wind will definitely though. any suggestions?

Re: these films...which 4?

Postby acquarello » Tue Mar 27, 2001 1:23 pm

I vote for:
The Wind Will Carry Us (which incidentally, along with "Rosetta" is my favorite film from 1999)

The only other three that I have seen are:
Soloman and Gaenor - Good, but predictably tragic. In addition to the usual "Romeo and Juliet" angle, it reminded me a little of "Swept from the Sea".

Malena - Highly uneven; Tornatore seemed indecisive about whether to create a nostalgic, sentimental picture or a harsh, realistic one.

Goya in Bordeaux – Beautiful film, but the story was rather hollow. Not at all reminscent of Saura's great film, "Cria!"


Re: these films...which 4?

Postby nana » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:29 pm


thnaks...i'll consider your votes. i think i would like to
see faithless cause of the ullman/bergman connection. and i'm a big gena rowland i'm thinking weekend also, yet often i like to see a film without any prior knowledge of them. (if i didn't see say...happy together or days of being wild, i would have enjoyed in the mood much better i think.)

i did see rosettta on kinda gave me a headache with that handheld camera work and it didn't do much for me though maybe my expectation might have been too high.

Re: these films...which 4?

Postby nana » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:50 pm of my favorite film in '99 was an american film called twin falls idaho by the polish brothers. loved it, especially the 2nd half. the first half was like a lynch warped shock thing (wanted to get people hooked i suppose), but the second half with the complex twin relationship just blew me away. the train scene was oh soooo good.
maybe i'm a sucker for trains and twin complex...
but i just want to mention this film for those of who think
i only watch foreign films and those that called me film geek, ninnies, or whatnot.

go check it out!! it's in your local blockbuster store and
let me know after ok. ;O)

Re: these films...which 4?

Postby acquarello » Thu Mar 29, 2001 12:33 am

Thanks for the tip. I had not seen this film, and all the information that I had gleaned from IFC was the scene where one brother was with a woman while the other slept. The segment made it look too similar to Cronenberg's "Dead Ringers", so I passed on it. I'll keep an eye out for it.


Re: these films...which 4?

Postby 4seam » Thu Mar 29, 2001 5:59 am

I only saw "Memento" from your list. Highly recommended. Somewhat reminded me of Robbe-Grillet's movie ( or his novel ). A few weeks ago they raised a movie ticket price to 10 bucks ( in New York City ) and makes me more selective to what I see in theater than years ago. Even though it is still cheap entertainment...
I also recommend "Legend of Rita " by Schlondorff though this was not in your list. I was glad that he went back to Germany and made a new film.

Re: these films...which 4?

Postby nana » Thu Mar 29, 2001 10:25 am

maybe you'll like twin falls was one of those
film that i didn't expect much, but got way more than expected. i didn't see many films in '99... not even
kiarostami's the wind will carry us, however, i did catch
all about my mother...which won an ocscar didn't it?
...anyhow i thought it was great!! almost as good as tied me up! tied me down!

the list was just the foreign movies i had a chance to see at my hometown theatre, which i thought i was visiting...but
it's not going to happen,
but i can see shadows of vampire and girl on the bridge for free though.


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