What's a Human Anyway (Insan Nedir Ki) (2004) (Turkey)

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What's a Human Anyway (Insan Nedir Ki) (2004) (Turkey)

Postby hengcs » Tue Jun 13, 2006 3:12 am

What's a Human Anyway (Insan Nedir Ki)
aka Mommy, Im Scared (Korkuyorum Anne)

Director: Reha Erdem
Cast: Turgay Aydin

Apparently, the working title was What's a Human Anyway (Insan Nedir Ki). But in Turkey, the distributor had asked for a new title and they finally decided on Mommy, Im Scared (Korkuyorum Anne). After watching the film, I concluded that the original title captures the essence of the film much better.

The official website

The film begins with a car accident, and a man in his 30s seem to lose memory ... did he or did he not lose memory? After all, it was known that he hated work and did not want to leave his parents to stay/survive alone ... At the same time, a robbery happened ... was he or was he not involved?

My thoughts:

-- Belying the simple synopsis/plot, a lot of characters are actually involved. More thoughtfully, the director has identified and revolved the film around three interrelated male who represent the three turning point (transition) into man in Turkey. By doing so, he asked "What Makes A Man?"

Furthermore, the film deals with the issues of memories (i.e., intelligence), health (i.e., alive) and heart (i.e., love) ... with conscientious depiction of human parts to ask "What's a Human Anyway?"

Audience might even find a particular scene (with the placing of a heart into the body) most symbolic ... probably that's what matters most ...

-- With regards to overall pacing, the numerous characters and subplots necessitate a 2 hour film. However, occasionally, one may feel that the film is getting kind of long ...

-- With regards to casting, it is an ensemble effort. Given the comical take of the film, one has to forgive the occasional exaggerated expressions/acting. Expectedly, some humor is lost in translation ... The main lead was convincing. Somewhen in the film, audience would wonder if he had really lost his memory or was conning others ...

Recommended. Don't expect it to be a philosophical film, but rather a family drama/comedy ...

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