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Stolen Childhood (Certi bambini) (Italy) (2004)

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 6:12 am
by hengcs

Director: Andrea Frazzi, Antonio Frazzi
Cast: Gianluca Di Gennaro, Carmine Recano, Arturo Paglia

The film has two English titles
- Stolen Childhood
- A Children's Story

In European Film Awards 2004 , the film garnered European Discovery of the Year.

Adapted from the novel written by Diego De Silva, the film relates the story of a kid who is living with his grandmother in Naples. Onboard a subway, flashbacks are used to explain the life of this kid (incl. his love and his friends) and what has happened prior ... Gradually, the audience begins to figure out that it is unlikely the simple soccer game that he tells his grandmother that he is going to ...

My thoughts

-- I like the opening scene (incl. the "climb" and esp. the "road crossing") ... it is well choreographed and executed ... and it does pave the way for the film ... a climb into the adult world, and the perils of taking a wrong step in life ...

-- The ending will leave you in thoughts ... who's to blame ... is the main protagonist and other kids victims of society?! ... or are they to blame as well?! ... the harsh reality of life ... everything is often "gray" ... what is good and bad ... often, life is being "lived" as a matter-of-fact-ly ... regardless, life goes on ...

-- In terms of casting, some of the supporting cast are commendable ...


PS: But should I credit the book or the film?! hee hee