Tbilisi-Tbilisi (2005) (Georgia)

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Tbilisi-Tbilisi (2005) (Georgia)

Postby hengcs » Sun Apr 16, 2006 2:22 pm

Director: Levan Zakareishvili
Cast: Giorgi Maskharashvili, Eka Nijaradze, Rusiko Kobiashvili

This film was submitted by Georgia to Oscar 2006.
It was also featured at Cannes Director's Fortnight 2005.

The film is about a young filmmaker who tries to write a script (these are filmed in color) ... and people he found interesting are captured in his script (these are filmed in black and white) ... in particular, there are 4 "stories" named after the 4 "characters" ... Professor ... Pickpocket Tedo ... Deaf and Mute Nona ... and the Drummer Boy ... all the different characters are woven together by the third and fourth story such that it becomes a coherent film ... in essence, it deals with the misery of the people ... with emphasis on their poverty and their political/social chaos ...

My thoughts ...
-- I thought the black and white segments are great ... in particular the third and fourth segments ... of all the characters, I thought the pickpocket Tedo was given a more complex writing (i.e., in second, third and fourth segments) ...

-- Maybe i would prefer if they do away with the colored segments ... nonetheless, it highlights the state of life (social and politics) ... and also, the sad state of film making ...

* in reality, the film took abt 7 years to make ... *

-- Commendable are the cast ... they looked so real ... are they professionals?! ... they have such intense look ... are the characters based on real life characters?!

Recommended, in particular, the "black and white" segments ... actually I would have preferred if it was not a "film within a film" arrangement ...

at the end, there was a hint at "is this a film" or "is this reality"? ... sometimes, it is really grey ... overall, it depicts human and life rather well ...

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