The Alzheimer Case (aka Memory of a Killer) (2003) (Belgium)

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The Alzheimer Case (aka Memory of a Killer) (2003) (Belgium)

Postby hengcs » Thu Dec 29, 2005 7:39 am

Director: Erik Van Looy
Cast: Koen de Bouw, Werner De Smedt, Jan Decleir

The film was Belgium's submission to Oscar 2004.

The official website

My thoughts ...
-- Without giving the plot away, I thought the opening scene was very well done! I could not even tell what to expect next ... * well, I do NOT read synopsis * ... am I too gullible? ... For a moment, I even wondered if it was a story about child adoption ... hiaks hiaks hiaks ...
-- Although the film did not break any novel ground (in terms of characterization), I have to admit that as a thriller, I thought it was rather engaging and gripping ... ... good job ...
-- The credit in part goes to the great cast ... Jan Decleir and Koen de Bouw deserve mention!
-- Beyond the obvious plot of "memory loss" ... there is a more thought provoking question ... is the story just about ones memory or a nation's memory?

As a thriller, it is gripping enough ... so, I recommend it.

PS: Anyone else has watched?

Re: The Alzheimer Case (aka Memory of a Killer) (2003) (Belgium)

Postby A » Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:12 pm

It ran at the Fantasy Filmfest 2004 here in Germany, but I didn`t watch it, because I had already spent too much money on other films. Ticket prizes were very high...
But I discovered there`s a german DVD out, so who knows...

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