Gloomy Sunday (1999) (Germany/Hungary)

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Gloomy Sunday (1999) (Germany/Hungary)

Postby hengcs » Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:23 am

Director: Rolf Schbel
Cast: Erika Marozsn, Joachim Krl, Ben Becker

This movie has garnered a number of awards and nominations
(e.g. Best Direction and Best Cinematography, 2000 Bavarian Film Awards)

well ... I watched it in 2004, in US.

I have decided to post again because someone has requested for the DVD (with English subtitles).
So, here you go ...

A few thoughts ...
(i) Wow ... I actually like the music/song very much!!! Pardon my ignorance, I did NOT know the history to the music/song only until I have watched the movie, and later decided to surf the web for more info! Now, I know. Hmmm ...
(ii) The cinematography was also nicely done ...
(iii) The film portrays the complexity of human relationship and love rather well ...

If none of the above interests you, try reading these ...


By the way, if you are very depressed, please do NOT listen to the song/music ...

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