The District (Nycker!) (2004) (Hungary)

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The District (Nycker!) (2004) (Hungary)

Postby hengcs » Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:30 am

Director: ron Gauder

The official website

At Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2005, it won The Cristal for Best Feature !

A rather unconventional adult animation ... with a mix of cut-outs, 2Ds and 3Ds ... Set in the ghetto of Hungary, the story is loosely related to Romeo and Juliet ... but ventures creatively into time travel ... and about how money will bring women ... and how oil will bring money (hmmm, familiar?!) ...

My thoughts:
-- Wow ... a daring piece of work ... and rather thought provoking ... about love, machismo, racism, and politics ... but be warned ... it may be offensive to some, esp. those who are less tolerant ...
-- The soundtrack and lyrics are very interesting/comical/satirical ...
-- Some moments that audience will likely remember ...
e.g., when the world atlas is formed
e.g., the mammoth in the air
e.g., the White House, the raising of alert level, the freedom missile ...
e.g., faces of familiar world leaders/politicians ...
e.g., the use of pixels ...

What could be better:
-- As usual, I guess quite some bit is lost in translation ... ... so one may not get all the jokes/satires ...
-- One has to read the subtitles really fast ...
* naughty grin *

A nice change (at least for me) in terms of animation ... it is not meant for kids, but for adults ... try to catch it!

Re: The District (Nycker!) (2004) (Hungary)

Postby A » Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:34 am

Sounds very in teresting, will watch it if I catch it here in Germany. I love animation and particularly animated films for adults
Where did they have the money for such a film in Hungary ??

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