Eros (2004)

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Eros (2004)

Postby hengcs » Sun Mar 27, 2005 2:57 am

The official website is here ...

It has three shorts, from ...
- Wong Kar Wai (The Hand)
- Steven Soderbergh (Equilibrium)
- Michelangelo Antonioni (The Dangerous Thread of Things)

Although reviews have been less than positive, I guess I will still watch it!

Re: Eros (2004)

Postby hengcs » Fri Jul 08, 2005 5:19 pm

Luckily I have a copy of the review at

The movie features three shorts, linked by Lorenzo Mattotti's drawings and by Caetano Veloso's song:
-- Wong Kar Wai (The Hand) (hereafter abbreviated as WKW)
-- Steven Soderbergh (Equilibrium) (hereafter abbreviated as SS)
-- Michelangelo Antonioni (The Dangerous Thread of Things) (hereafter abbreviated as MA)

An overall comparison ...


** Well, I think this category is the most important because they are supposed to be shorts that convey the movie theme ...

-- Amazingly and ironically, WKW has the least amount of nudity, but it is the MOST erotic and compelling.
-- SS has nudity only in the beginning and end (i.e., dreams); but frankly, the segment is NOT really erotic ... except "maybe" for the dream (which is helped by the really nice soundtrack ... which I like very much ... hee hee)
-- MA is interspersed with more nudity; unfortunately, the least erotic of them all!

Moral of the story: You do NOT need to depict nudity to be erotic ... ha ha ha

(2) THE PLOT ...

-- WKW : it is the simplest to understand and the most compelling. their relationship is so fragile and yet so dependent. audience will be interested to know what happen next! there are 4 scenes that I really like ...
* pardon me for being terse so as NOT to reveal any spoiler *
(i) when they first met ... WOW!!!
(ii) when they met in a motel, and he said he knew her measurements ... watch it and you will know ...
(iii) when they met again when she was too sick and claimed she had nothing to offer him ... except ...
(iv) and the last scene ... (frankly, I think the ending is open to interpretation ... does anyone want to discuss the ending?)
-- SS : it is rather cryptic for most to understand ... fortunately, there is a mild sense of humor ... but does it suffice?
-- MA : unfortunately, not very compelling ... there are however a few good lines ...
e.g., "You're always looking for purity and end up in sh*t."
e.g., "I hope you can handle my chaos." "What kind of chaos?" "Total chaos."

Food for thought: it is a generalization ... but ... are asians more melancholic/subtle? and americans more humorous/neurotic? and europeans more graphic?

(3) Cinematography

-- WKW : With Christopher Doyle ... how can it go wrong? ha ha ha ... ... however, some may lament that it is too similar to other WKW's movies, e.g., Days of Being Wild, In the Mood of Love, 2046, etc ...
-- SS : It is predominantly filmed in black and white, with the beginning and ending scenes (i.e., dreams) in really cool color.
-- MA : Only the scenery is nice ...

Hmmm ... question of the day: is originality from earlier movies important (even though it is from the same director and cinematographer)? or is the consistency of personal style more important?

-- UNDOUBTEDLY, WKW's The Hand !!!
-- Followed by SS's Equilibrium ...

PS: I happened to watch TV over the weekend and heard Ebert and Roeper's critics ... you can listen it here ...

hmmm ... Roeper actually like Equilibrium best ... and I guess a few other critics too ... maybe they can decipher the codes better?! ...

Re: Eros (2004)

Postby chard09 » Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:07 pm

A few months ago, I was able to grab a bootleg DVD of Eros, and it has good quality, thank God.

I may be biased with Antonioni since I claim to be his son, but his installment may seen to be the weakest but I think to be the most mature. I don't know how to explain that but I felt the struggles and expertise on his part as a filmmaker in the whole film. It's like doing a film is very easy. I find it a bit abstract, as I was not able to understand it in the first viewing, considering that Antonioni may claim the crown as one of the most difficult filmmakers ever.

Soderbergh's part may be the most interesting but failed on my part. The build up is so great, I even thought of having dreamt what he dreamt of. The exact throw of lines and great care on details are well-managed. It's just that I felt disappointed with the end. Oh well, what am I expecting?

My great brother Wong Kar Wai, his installment may seem to be the most satisfying and anticipated, but never brings the audience down. Very Wong, very great. Very Chris Doyle, very imaginative. I'm being very biased again, but Gong Li continues to interest me and grows on every film she risks to make. May seem to be inferior with regards to Wong's other films, but believe me, you just have a few minutes to spare (than watching an epic or a musical).

Good thing these installments are short, I can watch it all over again, as a pre-feature film. Don't think all of these are great. It's just that I feel good when I see these people's works.

Re: Eros (2004)

Postby hengcs » Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:36 am

You can hear Roeper's comments here ...

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