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Chris Marker

Postby katsuben » Thu Apr 26, 2001 6:14 am

I'd like to know the name of a film that Chris Marker made about his cat. It's about 5 minutes long and features Marker's tabby (or similar) doing what a cat does best: sleeping. The location is a music studio, presumably in Marker's house. The cat is lounging on a synthesiser. The film mostly depicts a montage of detail shots, the cat's flickering ear, the cats paw on D#, etc. There is a musical accompaniment but I don't recall it's name.
When I saw this film there was also a short by Marker on the painter, Matta. It was called, unsurprisingly, MATTA. This may assist or hinder this research. Matta had a very good joke about the whiskers of a catfish and he explained how he perceives reality in seven dimensions. Swell guy. Any help or discourse would be appreciated. I doubt if there is an accompalation video of Marker's shorts but if one is available please let me know! (Obviously this is not intended to open enquiry about LA JETTE or THE LAST BOLSHEVIK or SANS SOLEIL, but, hey, go for your life. . .).
I just remembered there was also a film about Marker's visit to Hong Kong which featured an on-the-move interview with Arielle Dombasle. (By the way, I saw these films - including the Last Day in the Life of Tarkovsky, pre-English subtitles) as a collection about 3 years ago. If it's a touring collection, that might also be of some research assistance. . .

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