Aftermath (Lad de sm brn) (2004) (Denmark)

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Aftermath (Lad de sm brn) (2004) (Denmark)

Postby hengcs » Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:17 am

Director: Paprika Steen
Cast: Sofie Grbl, Michael Birkkjr, Sren Pilmark, Lena Endre, Karen-Lise Mynster

The story basically revolves around the aftermath of a couple who have lost their daughter to a traffic accident

What is good?
-- The entire cast is commendable
-- It is one of those films that let the audience "experience" (rather than "narrate") everything to them One has to try comprehend why the husband acts the way he does and why the wife acts the way she does Did they cross the line? Did they not? Are they to be empathized, or are they aggravating their own conditions ...
-- The film also makes one think about life and what it means to have lost loved ones Does life stop? Does life goes on regardless? How should one treat those who have lost others? How should one who have lost someone treats others?
-- Broadly speaking, the film also hints at the empty lives of its other characters
-- I particularly like the last half of the film when more tension is injected and one wonders how it will all end for the husband and the wife

What may be better
-- As usual, some people may not like the initial slow pace
-- For some people, it may be difficult to comprehend why the husband acts the way he does (e.g., to the Japanese customer, and to the female driver culprit) but it is irrationally rational

I recommend the film if
(i) you like to watch good acting ...
(ii) you prefer experiencing rather than watching a film and go through the lives of the characters
(iii) if you like to ponder over the issues of life ...

Re: Aftermath (Lad de sm brn) (2004) (Denmark)

Postby A » Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:59 pm

I like Paprika Steen as an actress, didn`t know she also directing. I`ll check this one out, when it comes to Germany...

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