Svoi (Our Own) (2004) (Russia)

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Svoi (Our Own) (2004) (Russia)

Postby hengcs » Sun Jul 10, 2005 5:53 am

Director: Dmitri Meskhiyev
Cast: Sergei Garmash, Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Evlanov, Bogdan Stupka

Pardon me for reposting this movie ...
because I really want to recommend it ...
I have only one word -- WOW!

So, go catch the movie!
But on a BIG screen ... it does make a difference ...

In Moscow International Film Festival 2004, the movie has garnered the following awards
- Best Film
- Best Director
- Best Actor
Apparently the male actor was also nominated for the Best Actor in European Film Academy Awards.

I do not like to read nor write synopsis because they usually give the beginnings of the movie away. So, I shan't write a synopsis here.

So, what do I like about the movie?
-- The movie is very consistent about challenging the audience to think about who is US and who is THEM! The director has done it either subtlely (e.g., choice of characters, their vocation/background, etc) or very laudly (e.g., who are we protecting ourselves against? us or them?) The line between the two is often very vague.
-- The ENTIRE cast is commendable, be they the lead or supporting.
-- The cinematography is great too, giving the story a tint of old grayish texture.
-- The movie has a very realistic feel, be it the locations, the scenes, the acting, but most importantly, the way people behave! It is a nice movie that portrays human genuinely.
-- Definitely the pacing, it has its fast and slow moments. But regardless of the situation, audience would be eager to know what happen next or how the movie will end.
-- Few if any mention, I definitely like the sountrack and music! oh ... the Russian music?! ... hee hee

Highly recommended!

Re: Svoi (Our Own) (2004) (Russia)

Postby hengcs » Fri Mar 21, 2008 1:59 am

I have always thought this is a great website with very insightful reviews of Russian films
so here you go ...


PS: Maybe this will prompt them to distribute the DVD with English subtitles
Does anyone here know filmmovement or kino etc ...
Maybe you can help convince them to distribute the film on DVD (it has been 4 years ...)

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