Reconstruction (Christopher Boe) (2003) (Denmark)

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Reconstruction (Christopher Boe) (2003) (Denmark)

Postby chard09 » Fri Jun 17, 2005 10:01 am

From a previous post I made, in response to Trevor's inquiry about the film:

I have seen the film a few months ago in a festival. Perhaps not the best among the line-ups but in my opinion, still worth-watching. I was quite tired at that time of the screening that I have decided to watch Girl with a Pearl Earring, but unfortunately it has started already for thirty minutes. The other theater is showing Boe's Reconstruction, just in time. Anyway, I had a review written in my notebook, but right now, I forgot where I placed it. Hehe.. If I have time, I'll post my thoughts then cause I wrote that a few hours after the screening. As for now, as I can remember, it has a good story, and that final line in the film moves me, something like; "It's all a film. It is all a construction." But even though it hurts.. Hehe..I forgot the exact line, but the narrator is the one who created the story about his wife and its lover. The style is noticeable, and I'm positive about this new director's storytelling. The film may be dragging a bit to some (my friend told me he slept for a while), so don't watch it if you're very drowsy. i guess it's more of the examining the actions of the characters and deal on details that make this film commendable, in my opinion. Likewise, its symbolism and the narration came to the exact point of challenging the audience. Even though we're aware that all of these things are just construction, Boe makes us feel that a reconstruction is still very interesting. If love stories could be very visually provocative as this, then Ill make myself a promise of watching all of them.

Oh my, I'm having deja vu.. Do we need reconstruction here?

Re: Reconstruction (Christopher Boe) (2003) (Denmark)

Postby andre angel » Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:14 pm

Well I recently got around this film, but it greatly disappointed me. Ok, there's nothing wrong with this film itself, but, I must say, I prefer watching Renais's Marienbad to seeing this one repeatedly.

To me, these subject (man, woman, and man / past, present, and future / subject vs. object) are already finished with Resnais's works. Actually, the plot of "Reconstruction" resembles Resnais's Providence, and the dreamy, hasty touch of it reminds me of his later works. Or Alain Robbe-Grillet's films and novels.

I don't say it's a bad thing to begin one's career from imitating or remaking the precursors' greatests, but it also needs a great amount of innovation and courage.
andre angel

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