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Tian Xia Wu Zei (aka A World Without Thieves) (2004) (China)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 10:59 pm
by hengcs
This movie is directed by Feng Xiao Gang

Andy Lau, Rene Liu, Ge You, Li Bingbing, etc are in it. If I am correct, Rene Liu has garnered a few Best Actress Award/Nominations for her role. Despite filming the majority of the movie on a train, I did not find the movie boring at all ... I actually thought it is quite a very good commercial film -- not only for the artsy fartsy, but also for the masses!

(1) In particular, there are some good cinematographies, scenery (in the beginning), art direction (the well choreographed sleight of hand), etc

(2) More importantly, the movie is very meaningful and conveys an important message!

However, some people may lament about

(1) the credibility of "Dumbo" who is either too gullible or simplistic. However, there are indeed such people in this world, though really difficult to find. I would like to believe that in "those good old days" or remote areas, people are more trusting or too trusting of others. Not exaggerating, there are still people who do NOT lock their houses in this world (also depicted in Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11). I used to recall that in the 70s, when we were young, when life was simpler, some people (e.g., my family) really do NOT lock their doors.

(2) are thieves that skilful ... well, if you have been to some countries (not to mention names), there are indeed thieves/pickpockets who are that swift ...

Conclusion: I enjoy the movie! It is definitely a commercial film, but with a very meaningful message.