The Lake House (2006)

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The Lake House (2006)

Postby justindeimen » Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:39 pm

Here's a review I did.


Synopsis :

A lonely doctor begins exchanging love letters with a frustrated architect through a mysterious letterbox, later discovering they are separated in time by two years.

Movie Review:

Time-travels an unforgiving bitch to screenplay writers everywhere. Ever since 2004s indie hit, Primer, Ive stopped trying to care about the various intricacies and innate contradictions of its nature. Trying being the operative word. And as I had expected, theres plenty of gaps in this films script that are the size of manholes. But never mind the lack of a watertight script, this film does not pimp out the time-travel aspect of its premise as its only draw. Its the first collaboration of the extremely likable Sandra Bullock and the extremely dour Keanu Reeves since 1994s smash hit, Speed.

Unfortunately if you thought they had no chemistry 12 years ago, then youre not likely to be surprised when they are paired together in a much tamer affair like The Lake House. For that reason alone, I find it very hard to buy that they believed they were soul mates based on their largely superficial correspondences in the film. With one eye on keeping intact the bursting seams of the temporal dissonance and another eye on the flimsy relationship thats crafted by its 2 leads, the story sacrificed the wrong chicken by underplaying the relationship the protagonists should have shared. What made Siworae (of which Lake Houses premise was based) such a great and unique romance genre experience was that its 2 leads were transfixed by each other and nothing else.......

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Mediocre by all means. Still a different kind of love story, which should stand for something. Prefer the Korean version.

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