Goal! (2005)

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Goal! (2005)

Postby hengcs » Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:30 am

Director: Danny Cannon
Cast: Kuno Becker, Alessandro Nivola, Marcel Iures

The official website

My thoughts ...
-- Although there is nothing novel about the plot or story (i.e., a teenager who is fanatical over soccer, and has the potential to excel ... he is lucky to be spotted and offered a chance, BUT his father is against it ... he fumbles at his first chance ... will he be offered a second? ... will he finally overcome all odds? ... would he achieve his dreams? ...), the story does feel real ...

A "feel good" movie ... can watch, esp. if you like soccer! ... or just wanted to watch the cameo of David Beckham ... or Zinedine Zidane ... or Raul ... or Jermaine Jenas or Alan Shearer ... by the way, the "cameo" is really "cameo" ... * naughty grin *

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