Before The Rain

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Before The Rain

Postby Gemini730 » Mon Jun 11, 2001 2:20 pm

Apologies for entering this message on two different boards.
I accidentally posted on the wrong message board.
I recently rented Before The Rain(Macedonia 1994).It is
one of the most devastatingly, beautiful films that I have
ever seen.Certain scenes from the film have haunted me for
days.To me, the film is made more poignant by the fact that
Rade Serbedzija who plays the role of Alekasandar is himself
a refugee from the Former Yugoslavia.Mr.Serbedzija left the
country in 1992, because of reported death threats made against him, as a result of his out-spoken opposition to the
evils of nationalism and the insanity of war.I would like
to disguss this film with others who enjoyed the film.Do
any of you share my admiration for the beauty and brilliance
of Mr.Serbedzija`s artistry as an actor ?
God Bless,

Re: Before The Rain

Postby nana » Mon Jun 11, 2001 9:40 pm

i saw it recently. it was decent, but i did get confuse(the copy i had was bad)...toward the end, did the teenage girl
kill the photographer?? and if so...why??
i think i like it more than i should because i am a inspiring photojournalist and i would like to go there(eastern europe) and see for myself.

i identify with the photog very much. funny, it was more circular
than the new iranian film the circle i saw this weekend.

Re: Before The Rain

Postby Gemini730 » Tue Jun 12, 2001 12:18 pm

No,the young Albanian girl did not kill Alekasandar.Alekas-
was killed by his cousin while attempting to rescue her.Al-ekasandar`s cousin believed that the girl had killed his
brother and was going to kill her in revenge.The film never
shows who actually killed the man.Some of the village chil-dren claimed to have seen the man and girl together.The young girl is an Albanian Muslim and the man who was killed
was a Macedonian Orthodox christian.Because of what they
told by the children and because of the centuries-old hatred
which existed between Muslims and Christians, Alekasandar`s
cousin and other men from the village automatically assumed
without actual proof, that the girl was guilty.
Alekasandar`s efforts to save the young girl were futile,
but instead of just watching and choosing to do nothing in the face of evil, he had at least made a noble attempt.One
of the men from the village, looking down upon Aleksandar`s
dead body, refers to him as a "Blind Fool", but when a per-son is willing to lay down his life to save another his death is never in vain.
God Bless,

Re: Before The Rain

Postby f9bob » Tue Jun 11, 2002 11:54 am

"Before the rain" Director's masterpiece Production:
3 000000 US $
"Lord of the rings" Entertaining bullshit Production:
150 000000 us $
With the lattest movie "Dust" (Production 15 000000 us$)director of "Before the rain"
is hitting hard on Hollywood ,
and great movie empire is hitting back with rubbish .
This man is real genius
This man is Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein in movies today!!!.


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