Jean Rouch on DVD

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Jean Rouch on DVD

Postby arsaib4 » Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:05 am

French distributor Editions Montparnasse has released 2 sets of Jean Rouch films on DVD so far.

The second set of films, released earlier this year, are featured on a single disc and include:

Cocorico ! Monsieur Poulet (Cockadoodledoo! Mr. Chicken) [France-Niger/1974/93 min]

Bataille sur le grand fleuve (Battle on the Great River) [Niger/1952/33 min]

Cimetires dans la falaise (Cemetary in the Cliff) [Mali/1950/18 min]

*the film info is approximate.

The reason I've mentioned this particular release first is because it contains English subtitles. Also, the disc is reportedly All-Region/NTSC. I certainly would've gone for it if I hadn't already seen the eclectic Cocorico ! Monsieur Poulet. It's available from numerous online retailers for about the price of a Criterion DVD.

Re: Jean Rouch on DVD

Postby arsaib4 » Sat Jun 09, 2007 6:22 am

Facets :

Among the films Facets Multimedia currenly offers about Jean Rouch, only one is available on DVD: Conversations with Jean Rouch (2004). The titles out on vhs are: Jean Rouch & His Camera in the Heart of Africa (1978) and Rouch's Gang (1998).

Other works that involve Rouch (DVD): Screening Room with Jean Rouch (1980) and Cinma Vrit: Defining the Moment (1999)

Films on DVD :

Chronique d'un t (Chronicle of a Summer) [France/1960/90 min]

*This masterpiece -- the key work which enabled Rouch and his partner, sociologist Edgar Morin, to redefine the term "cinma vrit" on Parisian streets -- is provided on the same DVD released in France in 2005. No subs. (It's being sold for $89.95. The French disc could be had from abroad for about one-third of that price.)

Films on vhs :

Le Jaguar (Jaguar) [France-Niger/1957-67/92 min]

Les Matres fous (The Mad Masters) [France-Ghana/1955/24 min]

La Chasse au Lion a l'arc (The Lion Hunters) [France-Mali/1957-64/90 min]

*Again, the film info is approximate. Most of these titles are OOP.

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