An Empress and the Warriors (Jiang Shan Mei Ren) (2008) (Hong Kong)

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An Empress and the Warriors (Jiang Shan Mei Ren) (2008) (Hong Kong)

Postby hengcs » Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:14 pm

Director: Tony Ching Siu Tong
Cast: Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Kelly Chen

The official website (with English)

The king died and his only daughter who knew no martial arts had to defend the country. Between her duty and her love, she had to choose ...

My Thoughts

* the following is discussed with some spoilers *

-- given that the film is only abt one and half hour, i thought it shld exploit the timing to be as compact and eventful as possible (implying no dull moments) ... nonetheless, a story which had so much potential was poorly developed, that i felt bored at the romance portion (i actually felt that it dragged the story) ...

-- like a typical Asian (or Chinese film), it had a tragic ending ... ok ... GREAT SPOILER ... all the 3 guys died ... only she alone survived ... but the sad fact is ... the audience do not feel much. There is so much potential to be in tears when each male died, but there was insufficient development to make one feel strongly for each of them, and hence when they died, one felt little too ... even when the lovers could not be together, we were not drained of any tears ... in sum, the scriptwriter did not do a great job to make one feel more ...

-- GREAT SPOILER ... i thought the way the princess finally managed to kill the villain was very "lame" (a singapore teenager term for "not compelling") ... ya, i cant believe that scene too ... it was possible but not convincing ...

so so.

PS: i would rather pin my hope on Red Cliff this July and December.

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