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Re: Jean Renoir: Silents

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 6:55 pm
by R6dw6C
@ wpqx:

I have to confess that my first and - up to now - last view on "Gone with the wind" lasts 5 years back (I was 14 years old!), my reception changed almost 100 percent since then. Maybe I'll like it much better the next time, I feel that it could be quite similar to Douglas Sirk's Hollywood films from the 50ies.

@ wpqx & arsaib:

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look out for "Charleston Parade", not only because of Catherine Hessling (I already appreciate Renoir's style of filmmaking though I think that the quality of his films is quite variable - what I've seen of THE RULES OF THE GAME seemed quite uninteresting to me - and his silents are more intriguing, though "THE HUMAN BEAST" turned out to be the best and richest of the 6 Films I've seen - I liked "The little Match girl" better nevertheless because it was more pure cinema than anything else I noticed within this retrospective).