Another top 10 list

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Another top 10 list

Postby julesdabest » Sat Dec 15, 2001 3:16 pm

I'm sorry to force another top ten list in front of your faces, but I would like to know your opinion on my list and on the films that i have chosen. I'm a 17 year old film lover and live in North Wales, I have been watching foreign films for the last two years therefore there is a lot of great films which I have not seen.

(in no particular order)
La Strada (Fellini)
Ivan's Chdilhood (Tarkovsky)
Freeze, Die, Come To Life (Kanevsky)
Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors (Paradjanov)
Les Quatre Cents Coups (Truffaut)
Le Mepris (Godard)
Knife In The Water (Polanski)
Three Colours: Blue (Kieslowski)
Autumn Sonata (Bergman)
L'Age D'Or (Bunuel)

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby johnn-1 » Sun Dec 16, 2001 2:53 pm

I am not big on top ten lists, but your list has me wanting to suggest other great titles within either the themes or directors you have covered:

The young people theme:

French films:
L'Argent de Pouche --1976-- another Truffault film
Jeux interdits --1952-- Rene Clement
Les Dimanches de ville d'Avray --1962-- Serge Bourguignon
Italian films:
I Bambini ci guardano --1942-- Vittorio De Sica
Nuovo cinema Paradiso --1988-- Giuseppe Tornatore
Greek films:
Topio stin omichli --1988-- Theo Angelopoulos
Eastern European films:
Dom za vesanje --1989-- Emir Kusturica
Idi i smotri --1985-- Elim Klimov

Other Fellini films:
8 1/2

Other Tarkovsky films:
The Sacrifice

Other Kieslowski films:
The Decalogue



Re: Another top 10 list

Postby katsuben » Sat Dec 22, 2001 6:18 am

I like the list. I hadn't seen anything of the sort when I was 17. Only suggestion would be to broaden your horizons. Look to Asia, look to lesser known filmmakers, etc. And don't believe a word you hear about any film's perceived priveledged space. Read more theory and go with your gut. But the gut alone is not enough, the gut will tend to grumble pleasurably while watching a favoured actor show their mug. You might like the film, but is it the affect or is there more? I still like your list.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Sun Dec 30, 2001 4:20 pm

Hello to a fellow countryman-i'm from Brecon.Try Sansho the Bailiff and other Mizoguchi if you like it.Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Tue Jan 01, 2002 4:53 pm

yes, you are doing very well at 17.Everything's a matter of taste, though general consensus is always a helpful guide.By the directors in your top 10,i'd personally recommend:Andrei Rublev, Mirror, Stalker(Tarkovsky),Pierrot le Fou(Godard), Persona(Bergman), The Colour of Pomegranates(Paradjanov), The Double Life of Veronique, Dekalog (Kieslowski), 8 1/2 (Fellini), if you've not seen them yet.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby julesdabest » Wed Jan 02, 2002 5:32 pm

Waw I’m really amazed to have met another Welshman on this message board I’m not sure if you can speak welsh fluently so I’ll write this message in English. I haven't seen any of the films by the same directors that you have recommended although I did get Tokyo Story (ozu), Man of Marble (Wadja) and recorded La Collectioneuse by Rohmer. I would like to learn more about yourself and how you became a fan of foreign films and how do you get to see foreign films? The reason why I became interested is that my mother is French and we have a satellite system, which receives French television where the films are of a considerably higher standard than on British television and even on S4C! Because I can speak French fluently I am not forced to watch films with subtitles which is also a great help. The prime reason is probably that both of my uncles are film directors and my grandfather has written a lot of scripts for welsh films. Diolch am eich ateb john-5 blwyddyn newydd dda.

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby apsara_imports » Wed Jan 02, 2002 11:10 pm

3 of the very best French Films
Les Amants du Pont Neuf (Lovers on the Ninth Bridge)
The Hairdressers Husband
Le Grand Chemin

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Thu Jan 03, 2002 7:59 pm

rwy'n dysgu Cymraeg,ond dwy ddim yn siarad iawn.Ces ingeni yn Abertawe,rwy'n byw yn Groesffordd,pentref ger Aberhonddu.I was brought up at Knighton/Tref-y-Clawdd, on the border.Rwy'n gweithiwr cymdeithasol.My French is better than my Welsh- i did a French degree in the early 80's,though i'm afraid it's a long time since i've needed to use it much-only very occasionally,and i struggle a bit now.J'etais assistant d'Anglais a Verdun 1981-2.Here at Brecon,we have a thriving Film Society, the most successful in Wales-we try to screen a wide range of the best films from different countries and periods,including silent films.i write our leaflets, and act as publicist.I write also,as customer not employee, for MovieMail, world cinema video mail order(rental and sale)company at Hereford-articles,selections and short reviews.Some of the top film critics in Britain also write for Moviemail.Everything on video/dvd and many deleted titles can be obtained from them. Je m'interesse des filmes etrangers depuis des annees-j'ai etudie les filmes Francais des annees trente, comme "sujet special", a l'Universite de Leeds en 1983.Excuse my French,i'm sure i'm making mistakes.We have a couple of Belgians who come to our film society,so i occasionally speak to them, but my written French is even more rusty!I particularly love Mizoguchi and Japanese cinema, but French Cinema too of course is brilliant;Orphee(Cocteau),Le Rayon Vert,Le Genou de Claire,L'Ami de mon Amie(Rohmer),La Regle du Jeu,Partie de Campagne,Boudu Sauve des Eaux(Renoir),L'Atalante(Vigo),Celine et Julie vont en Bateau(Rivette),Les Enfants du Paradis(Carne),Pierrot le Fou(Godard),Madame de(Ophuls),Hiroshima mon Amour(Resnais),Le Joueur d'Echecs(Bernard)...J'espere que votre mere les aime aussi.Elle vient de quelle region de la France?Please feel welcome to emaiL me;

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby julesdabest » Fri Jan 04, 2002 6:04 pm

Thanks for the reply, I think that its great that there is a foreign film society down in the bannau. You said that your favourite films are japanese, I've only seen 7 Samourai, Stray Dog by Kurosawa, Tokyo Story (ozu), Tampopo (Itami) and a scene at the sea by Kitano. My favourite films are mostly russian either the early silents from eisenstein or the visually amazing films by tarkovsky and paradjanov. Have you ever seen any welsh films, and if so which are your favourites? My mother is from Paris, but the rest of the family is from the north not far away from calais. Have you seen any of the films from Iran that are suddenly very popular these days? because Theatre Gwynedd will be showing some this season. Which ones would you recomend?

Re: Another top 10 list

Postby john-5 » Fri Jan 04, 2002 8:35 pm

Yes'i too love Tarkovsky and Paradjanov(The Colour of Pomegranates is possibly the most extraordinary,original film i've seen, and Andrei Rublev and Mirror are 2 of the greatest masterpieces,screened by Brecon Film Society.I did an article on Tarkovsky for Moviemail recently)Your questions have coincided nicely with my interests.
Welsh films?I enjoyed Hedd Wyn,for the scenery and gentle lyricism ,though the low budget let down the War scenes ,i thought.Gadael lenin/Leaving Lenin was an entertaining Welsh school trip to Russia,-both these films were also screened by our Film Society,as was On The Black Hill.I'd like us to show more,but the standard must be good enough.I enjoyed Mindblowing,screened on T.V,was slightly disappointed by The Testimony of Taliesin Jones(perhaps i expected too much),Human Traffic had some promise,Twin Town similarly but it was a bit dumb and flashy.I liked Endra's positive image of Romany life.Truffaut's Anne and Muriel is one of his better,though underrated, films,and does some justice to the pretty Welsh coastline(its tale of a young Frenchman who falls for two British sisters-an inverted Jules et Jim- is worth seeing;Almendros' elegiac photography is lovely).I understand the Welsh/Spanish co-production,One of the Hollywood Ten,is good.I have to say i'm disappointed we're still awaiting the great Welsh Film-perhaps we could make more of our Arthurian legends(stolen by our larger neighbours-few are aware Welsh was the language of Arthur and Merlin,and once of England and much of Scotland!),with some sort of original cross between Tarkovsky and Paradjanov(this isn't the first time i've thought of this,so it's a coincidence you mentioned those two).Many famous films have a Welsh Connection-Lawrence of Arabia was Welsh, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness was filmed near Beddgelert,my favourite area(an Oscar worthy performance by the landscape,acting as China!)and we've produced our share of actors(4 Oscar winners,and Richard Burton).I didn't like How Green was my Valley,for the now long outdated and ludicrous stereotypes which somehow persist,and for its bizarre Irishness.You mentioned film director uncles.Are they well known here by any chance? Second Best,directed by double Oscar winning cinematographer Chris Menges was filmed at Knighton, my home town.A friend of mine had a reasonable part as an Adoption worker ,alongside William Hurt.
Iranian Films;i'm a great admirer of contemporary Iranian Cinema-Kiarostami(Close-Up,The Taste of Cherry,The Wind will Carry us,Through the Olive Trees..),Mohsen Makhmalbaf(Gabbeh,A Moment of Innocence..),his precocious young daughter Samira(The Apple,Blackboards),Majid Majidi(The Colour of Paradise),Panahi(The White Balloon..)etc.They put British cinema to shame.We've screened 2 of them at our film society in the last year,they were very well received.An essential book on the subject is Close Up:Iranian Cinema Past and Present,by Hamid Dabashi.You may like Gabbeh ,as i do, as the visual style owes a little to Paradjanov.The countryside shown is interesting and the colours are gorgeous.The White Balloon is absolutely charming.Close Up is a quite brilliant examination of illusion and reality,rightly regarded by critics as one of the very best films of the decade.
I spent six consecutive Easters in Paris when i was younger-it knocks spots off London.I'm still a Francophile at heart.
That's enough for now!Hwyl fawr.


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