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Re: Canadian Film

Postby trespalmas » Wed May 22, 2002 2:22 am

shoehorn, I share your thoughts on Leolo (still remember that haunting Italian song)but didn't realize it was Canadian.

Does anyone know if The Sweet Hereafter is also Canadian? I recommend seeing that film and, if interested, reading the book after (versus the other way around like I did).

Re: Canadian Film

Postby shoehorn » Thu May 23, 2002 3:01 pm

Thanks for your comment about Leolo. This is one of the most underrated masterpieces of the last 20 years. Recently some friends on the IMdb message boards saw it at my recommendation with very mixed results. You cannot appreciate this from the intellect. You have to feel the beauty and poetry of the film. This seems to be something that just escapes many viewers including the erstwhile Chicago Reader critic, Jonathan Rosenbaum.

I am hard put to explain why I like this film. I'm asked to compare it to Truffaut or Fellini and I can't. Nor do I really see the point. Lauzon for me was a true visionary whose work was entirely original. Perhaps if you have the time and inclination, you could do a post on the IMdb Film General board saying why you like the film so much and I will put in some supporting comments.

Re: Canadian Film

Postby trespalmas » Fri May 24, 2002 1:45 pm

shoehorn, some thoughts come to mind but I think I'll watch the film again (it has been 5 years) to solidify them. My main impression from the film is really experiencing the sensations that Leolo was feeling, the oppressive home environment and his desire to have more freedom in expression, in life. The film was perhaps uncomfortable for some to watch at times but such was his reality. I found the film absorbing from the beginning- a friend of mine tried her best to find the song from the movie(cosi mai?) but was unable to. Do you know if there is a soundtrack? Anyhow, I'll watch the movie again and post something to the website you spoke of (what was the site exactly?), mrcrio (formerly trespalmas)

Re: Canadian Film

Postby shoehorn » Sat May 25, 2002 3:13 pm

Your comments are full of insight. I do not know of any soundtrack but have not made a thorough check. The film has had a new video release from Tartan Video but no DVD that I'm aware of is in the offing.

The best movie website is Clcik on message boards and Film General. There is also Best and Worst, Classic Films, and Interantional but I think either Film General or Classic Films would reach the widest audience.

I have been a regular for years though I stay out of most of the convoluted intellectual dsicussions of the nuances of each director, I do post reviews (under howard.schumann) to both Film general and Classic Films under the thread "What movies did you see during the week of ...").

You can check it out but to post a reply or a new post, you must be registered, a very simple process.


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