Tony Bui's Three Seasons

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Tony Bui's Three Seasons

Postby annelibrary » Mon Feb 04, 2002 12:27 am

I just viewed this DVD (enjoyed it, it's a fairly good film especially for a first time director) and I have some questions.

Can someone with a knowledge of Vietnamese culture enlighten me in the following...
In one scene, the cyclo driver annoints the prostitute with oil or perfume and uses the back of a spoon to trace her spine and ribs (leaving red marks). Is this a Vietnamese custom? Is it like the Chinese practice of "fire cups" to draw out the bad humours? Or is just physical therapy? Or both? In Vietnamese culture would this be considered to be an act of close intimacy between a man and woman?

As well, I have some technical questions about the DVD...I bought the Seville Pictures DVD (from a small Canadian distributor). There is a slight "glitch" or stutter about 20 minutes into the DVD. I realize it is probably a defect in the disk and I should contact the distributor in Montreal. I own several Seville Pictures DVDs (Run Lola Run, In The Mood for Love & Eat, Drink Man, Woman) and this is the first time I've had a defective DVD from them. On the two Tapei films, there is a trailer for Three Seasons. Parts of the DVD appear to have a much orangey-er cast than in the trailer. Could this also be due to a disk defect or is more likely to come from the original master? Is it worth asking the distributor to replace it for this?


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