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The Red Violin

PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2002 8:17 pm
by edward_s_t_grey
Who wrote this story and will they please be informed of this post? Thought imbued physical objects (communication fetichized) carry with them the secrets of history past. This movie is no fiction. I have watched this film with austere ken. Antiques carry with them a story that can be researched to produce a knowable history; this is not to worship these objects, simply read them. Prophetic wit. This very thing has happened in reality. The writer of this film should contact me. As Poe wrote in his tale: The Gold Bug, "the fact confirmed my preconceived idea", and so it was. Legrand was right! What has the study of a bloodied sword and alchemized coin mechanism taught about world history...what secrets were never written? Who is the real appraiser of long lost instruments, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson? I wish to sell this story.