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Una giornata particolare (1977)

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 3:24 pm
by julesdabest
Last night I watched Ettore's Scola's Una giornata particolare with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren. I thoroughly enjoyed this film but was disappointed when I read Paul Taylor's review of the film in time out magazine's film guide. He called it "sentimental tosh" and "rubbish". Does anyone have any opinions on this film or reactions to what Paul Taylor said?

Re: Una giornata particolare (1977)

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2002 5:52 pm
by malius
I saw this a few years ago and agree with you completely - the movie is warm and wonderful and instantly made Sophia Loren one of my favourite actresses. The theme concerning the "curse" of homosexuality might/might not be a bit outdated, but the intensity of the acting is fantastic. Sentimental - of course!