which film fests and why

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which film fests and why

Postby katsuben » Thu Nov 28, 2002 1:43 pm

hi gang. i am curious as to what Film Fests, domestic or around the world, people do or want to attend on a semi-regular basis. i'm especially interested in peoples thoughts and feelings concerning the range of films they enjoy. i personally find myself liking, at most, 10% of what i see on these ocassions. this seems a curiously low percentage, and i was wondering if this matches or wildly differs from the experiences of others. i don't find the low range of quality films a problem, per se, it simply suggests to me that a wonderful film is a rare thing (at least when it is seen just once, and in a certain specialised setting -- ie. one where films are judged against one another in a rather brief and furious manner). regards. FYI, fests i'm keen on attending in the future include HK, Pusan, Karlovy Vary, Hawaii, Rotterdam, Vancouver, and Telluride just because i am partial to swooning at -ohmigosh- stars in ski outfits.

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