Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention

Postby gimferrer » Mon Dec 16, 2002 10:48 am

I saw a clip of this film that won in San Sebastain Film festival (spain) and The Europena Film Awards 2002 by Luleima (Palestine) and it looks trully impressive... I am glad he approaches the palestine situation with black sense of humour with influenves by Jacques Tati among other film makers with long shots and no close ups.

And happy that through cinema it's able to transmit a more creative side to the conflict, I am just hoping he will have an easy way to make his film wihtout politic interfiering his work. And even more happy that he has been praised all over the worl with his films.

The clip it's only 10 seconds but if you get a chance to see it On The Internet Movie Database have a look! It won't leave you cold that's for sure!

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