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Postby FlyingVProd » Mon Feb 17, 2003 8:37 pm

I would love to see people using the Actorchat to get together, to meet other actors and people in the entertainment business, and to do things together. It is great for quick advice, info, and for help in a jam so far as needing quick ideas for an audition, etc, but the Actorchat can be so much more. I would love to see casting directors post auditions on the Actorchat, I would love to see studio, independent, and student, film-makers able to post for talent and crew, and on and on. I would like to see the actors on the Actorchat get together to do scene-work, and also be able to find other actors and someone with a camera if they want to shoot stuff. I would like to see industry parties posted on the chat too, and also Actorchat parties periodically, so everyone can meet. The Actochat can also be used to pull people together to do public service announcements, charity work, and other great things...

Let us use it.

I would like to see everything from notifications of jobs and auditions on the Actorchat, to party announcements, to people being able to pull things together with other people in the business so that we can get together and act, and for us to be able to do everything from just running through scenes for fun to making movies.

The Actochat can be so much more than what it is.

Let's see what we can do.

I would like to see Julie Hutchinson, Michael Donovan, Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirshenson, Roe Baker, and other casting directors post on the Actorchat. I will also try to get David Mann to post the schedule for Take One Studios on here. I have been trying to get them all signed on. The Actorchat can be a great tool, and it is something we can use. (I was trying to get Roy Rogers and Dale Evans signed on before they died... (Roy and Dale were family, my little brother married their grandaughter Kristen. I sure miss them, they were great people.) After a life-time in the business I figured they could share a lot.) We do have people on the chat from Harvard acting school, alumni from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, teachers from the Academy and NYU, members of The Actors Studio, students at USC film-school, and others. We have Mark who shoots film in Atlanta, Georgia. We have Knuti who worked for years as an agent, and who has experience directing plays, as well as acting. We have a lot of talented people on the Actorchat, there in no doubt. We have people on the Chat who live in the Las Vegas area, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, Miami, even India and other places...

Let's see if we can use, expand, and grow, the Actorchat in good ways.


Tony Verley

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