Fassbinder, The Third Generation

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Fassbinder, The Third Generation

Postby Mr. West » Fri Feb 21, 2003 12:07 am

Have any of you seen this film? I have an unsubtitled, German language version of it on VHS. I can't understand a word of German, but I've watched the film twice and it just entrances me (luckily I've read an essay about the film, so I do have a good sense of what's happening in it). It has Fassbinder's two biggest leading ladies in it, Hanna Schygulla and Margit Carstensen, but Carstensen totally steals the show from the more popular Hanna.

That 1970's era of domestic terrorism in Germany seems like it was such a bizarre time. There's one scene in the film where the gang, wearing circus make-up, kidnap a weathly entrepreneur. Quite surreal, and highly recommended...
Mr. West

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