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'the coming'-international film project open to every one world wide

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2003 9:18 pm
by mattfolwell
ok i just posted this on the indie board, so im sorry if i annoy any1 by posting it here as well...but it deserves to reach lots of ppl...plz read this...

ok this is hard to explain so at the end u will find some links to the
official film site.
THE the brainchild of independant filmmaker Oded Kojocaru of
Israel...its a totally original project open to anyone who has something to
offer..basically something is happenin...but wat? ....wat Oded needs is
contributions from world wide of ppls reactions to whatever it is thats
happenin...keeps the audience guessin..all u have to is make as much or as
little as u want and then get it to Oded who will edit it all 2gether u
will then recieve credit for whatever u have done...who knows it could be a
cult hit!! ...its hard to explain here but plz, plz, plz give it time if u
want more info go to.... up 4 free go 2 message boards and look for his
original post under international project......or..... site 4 the film
or contact oded at or the take time 2 visit as u might end up doing
something that will be remembered for ever!!! wether u be a media student
like myself or an independant movie maker there is potential here to really
do something u will be proud of. in leicester and im using my colleges
equipment...hopefully so it just goes to show that any1 can get

its a once in a life time opportunity and like eminem said if u had 1 shot,
1 opportunity, 2 seize everything u ever wanted...1 moment,would u capture
it or just let it slip?