Bela Tarr Films...

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Bela Tarr Films...

Postby bigpoppa_2059 » Fri Feb 28, 2003 9:06 pm

Where can one find his films? I loved "Satantango" and am interested in his other works.

Re: Bela Tarr Films...

Postby gratefultiger » Mon Mar 03, 2003 12:05 am

yes i reckon he is great if you find any let me know.

Re: Bela Tarr Films...

Postby somegreatmovies » Mon Mar 03, 2003 1:16 pm

Cinema Parallel ( release DAMNATION & SATANTANGO on 35mm, and Satantango in a 7 tape VHS box set... dunno who releases Werckmeister Harmonies, but if anyone does, let us know.

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