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Cuban films - anyone know where I can find them in Los Angeles area?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 9:55 pm
by rvml
Hi there! Am doing research on Cuban cinema and am having a very hard time finding Cuban movies to rent. The better known ones, such as "Death of a Bureaucrat", "Strawberry & Chocolate", Life is to whistle", "The Last Supper", "Guntanamera", and a few others) are relatively available here in the Los Angeles area, but the less well-known ones are very difficult to locate at all.
Do you have any suggestions regarding how I might find video copies of the more off-beat Cuban movies? I would prefer to rent rather than buy, if possible, and ideally in the Los Angeles area!

The titles I'm looking for right now are:

Vertical Love
Papeles Secundarios
Plaff! (a.k.a. Too Afraid of Life)
Con el Deseo en los Dedos
Las Noches de Constantinopla
Una Novia Para David
Nada Mas
Siete Muertes en Plazo Fijo
Lista de Espera

Any response would be MUCH appreciated.
All best wishes and thanks for your help -