Been searching for this movie for 3 years..1st time I've asked 4 help

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Been searching for this movie for 3 years..1st time I've asked 4 help

Postby mcren » Sat Jun 28, 2003 7:07 pm

I have been searching for a foreign film which I saw on the Bravo channel back in the year 2000. I did not catch the title or what exact language it was in. I am hoping after my description someone will have the answer.

The movie takes place in a small european village set approximately in the late 1700's (again I am not sure what language it is in but my best guess is German). It starts with a somewhat hectic scene of a mother giving birth to a boy (a bit vague at this point... sorry). The boy for some reason is disliked by his parents and is normally picked on on beat up by the other children (I remeber on scene in particular where the parents lock the boy in his room and some kids throw a rock through the window and some of the glass cuts him, it seems at this point he loses all love for those around him). Back to the story, near his home there is a small creek which has a very large stone which comes out from the water. The boy likes to sleep on this rock and puts his ear to it to hear the earth (or something to that effect). There is a old hermit who is banned from the town and lives near the stream. He befriends the boy and often gives him advice. Next scene... The boy has an evil music teacher at school who plays the piano horribly. The boy tells the teacher that is piano playing is punishment to his ears, the teachers responds by making the boy play in front of the glass, and his performance is brilliant enough to upset the teacher and help the boy realize he has found something that he loves. The village priest allows the boy to practise his music virtuoso on the church organ, and soon he becomes the church organist. His playing somewhat enchants the village and he is somewhat praised as a virtuoso.

Next scene... He is older now... Late teens early twenties... One day he is having somesort of an episode and he goes to the rock in the creek to rest. From the rock he begins to hear all the sounds of the world at once, and the sound overwhelms his body and spirt and leaves him seemingly half dead. We he awakes his eyes have changed from blue to a fire-like red/orange.
Next scene... He understands he is deeply in love with a girl from the village, and goes to the old hermit to guidance. The oldman helps him realize that this girl is in fact his soul mate. His passion for his music begins to stem solely from his love for her and his organ music becomes extremely brilliant. He begins to notice his best friend is jealous of the attention he is giving her but decides to pay his jealousy no mind.

Next scene... The girl he loves is getting quite anxious to make love, but in the midst of his musical inspiration he is unable to do anything other than write and play the beautiful music in his mind. The girl becomes more impatient and desides to sleep with one of the other town boys. In the midst of his playing he feels and hears this wrongful act taking place and immediately leaps to run to her home. He finds her there and in some sort of scuffle the house catches fire and most of the village burns. His best friend then tells him that he is in love with him.

continued on next entry.......................

Re: Been searching for this movie for 3 years..1st time I've asked 4 help

Postby mcren » Sat Jun 28, 2003 7:08 pm

.................continued from last posting

Next scene... The prodigy's love and passion for anything in life was completely taken from him after he found his soul-mate had slept with this other man. He no longer has the fire in his eyes nor the desire to play another note on the organ. He is extremely depressed and takes a job as a mason or carpenter of some sort and simply trys to forget his past and anyhting of his virtuoso days. One day a rich man shows up from the clergy and says he has heard that this town is home to this musical prodigy. He offers him a large some of money to travel to the center of the city to perform. He at first declines but after some thought and persuasion desides that he will do it. His best friend goes with him and when he arrives in the city he discovers that he is scheduled to perform and compete against other organists for a large crowd in this church.
His first idea is to run, but for certain reasons they will not allow him to leave. When his turn is called he sits in front of the organ for many minutes without playing a thing. The crowd starts to get restless and suddenly he play notes so load the wind from the organ blows the shutters open and the wigs off some of the spectators. He plays and plays... All the emotion that ever existed in his life pours forth with a genius and brillance unparralled, he knows this is his last performance.
When he is finished playing the crowd is silent for a few minutes and then erupts in wild applause.

He immediately runs out of the church, his best friend chases him. He becomes very ill and more depressed as they begin their journey back home. He is dying and they both know it. His friend will not accept it and carries him on as far as he can. The prodigy asked his friend to carry him to the rock on the creek. In anguish he complies. The prodigy begins to come to peace with himself and slowly fades into death. His friend weeps helplessly.

Last scene... The woman he loved is walking with her daughter by the rock in the creek where the prodigy died.
She tells her daughter there lies the man I onced love. My soul-mate (or something to that effect), then walks off.

This is the end of the movie. This is the single best movie I have ever seen. If anyone knows what the title of this movie is or where I can buy please let me know. Many thanks.

Mike Cosair

Re: Been searching for this movie for 3 years..1st time I've asked 4 help

Postby ladym » Sun Jun 29, 2003 3:27 am

The film is called 'Brother of Sleep' and it was actually based on a novel by that name. If you go to and type in the movie's name you can read reviews on it. I'm positive this is the film your talking about based on your great description.

Re: Been searching for this movie for 3 years..1st time I've asked 4 help

Postby mcren » Mon Jun 30, 2003 4:03 pm

You nailed it. Thank you very much. You are awesome.

Greatly Appreciative,


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