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New here

Postby groom_daniel » Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:37 am

Hi, I'm new here. I'm from New Zealand, and an MA student in Scriptwriting and Film Production. My favourite directors are Yasujiro Ozu and Eric Rohmer, and my favourite films are Tokyo Story, Duck Soup, Annie Hall and Tampopo. I'm looking forward to talking about films.

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Postby john-5 » Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:28 pm

Welcome. I also love Tokyo Story and Duck Soup. Late Spring is another wonderful Ozu masterpiece. Rohmer is under-performing in the scoring here; I particularly like his summery films The Green Ray/Summer, Claire's Knee, and My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, though My Night with Maud may be his most accomplished. His films are distinguished by lightness, charm, use of (often lovely primary) colours, deft and natural dialogue, and ability to capture the essence of the seasons. His films are more cinematic than often credited, make clever use of subtle gestures and glances, and of location and nature to express mood.


Re: New here

Postby groom_daniel » Thu Jul 03, 2003 8:43 pm

Ebert once said something to the effect that Rohmer writes about people you know, or wish you did. I always want to be friends with Rohmer characters, either because I know somebody just like them, or they remind me of myself (and how I'd like to be). I'm a big fan of Rohmer's later work, where he's in his 70's and still making films about the pursuit of love. To me there's nothing better than someone teaching you what they've learnt from a lifetime of love. I love how his films are about small truths. That "smallness" kills me, because the emotions are so big.

When a Rohmer character goes on vacation to the beach, that's when you realise how completely natural his direction is. His characters take long walks along the beach, expounding about life, love and longing, and as easy as it is for his characters to express intimate feelings, the same is truth for the way Rohmer films them. Anybody who's seen Rohmer knows about the rhythm of his dialogue, but his visual style has the same instinct, the same flow. I just think it's beautiful.

I liked My Night at Maud's, although I felt it was bogged down by Pascal's Wager, I prefer his more character/story driven films. My favourite Rohmer film is An Autumn Tale, others include, The Green Ray, Pauline at the Beach and A Summer's Tale.


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