Tribute To Marie Trintignant RIP

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Tribute To Marie Trintignant RIP

Postby rob.blackman » Tue Aug 05, 2003 10:39 pm

I Was very saddened to listen to the Progress of Marie Trintignant who sadly died in France on Friday August the 1st 2003 after an Incident at a Hotel Room in Lithuania.The Family Requested that she be flown home to France where she died on French Soil very Understandably.she was only 41 and the Mother of Four Children.A Brilliant Actress who really did not always get the credit she deserved.I First saw her in Ponette playing the Mother so well as ever.I Will never forget the Charm and comical moments that she gave in The Story of Women in 1988 playing a Loveable Prostitute.The Parisian Friendship tale of Portraits Chinois was the next film i saw her in.She Looked so Beautiful in that film and really was a very Talented Pretty Lady.I Loved Her role with Jean Rocheforte in the 1993 Comedy Wild Target as she often asked Men,Who much do you Weigh,For obvious Reasons.I Think she had a very good talent for playing mildly Comic roles.I last saw her in Deep in The woods although it was virtually a cameo role.I For one will miss her so much and She will be very much missed by everyone connected to French Cinema.She comes from a Family who have given so much to French Cinema with Her Father Jean Louis Trintignant and Mother Nadine.Our Thoughts are with Her family at this time and i will really miss this very talented Lady.I Have a lovely Picture of her at home where she looks so stunningly Beautiful i love that wonderful smile that she always gave in her performances and i will treasure this Picture as a memory of a very wonderful Actress.

Re: Tribute To Marie Trintignant RIP

Postby thegreatken1 » Sat Aug 09, 2003 5:21 pm


I had read about that on the BBC News website.

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