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I need the name of an Italian film

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2003 6:36 pm
by pretty_bitter_pill
i only caught the last bit of it on tv late wednesday night but it was black and white with subtitles and it was based on a true story. the plot involved a man who was taking money from his wife to give to his lover by pretending he had a bar. he realized he didnt love his wife at all and when he tries to break it off with his lover she says "kill her" and walks away dropping a pile of money in the snow. he picks it up and goes home telling his wife that everything was a lie but that it was all over. she locks herself in the bathroom and he pleads with her to open the door telling her he'll stay with her forever, he knocks down the door just as she's holding a straight razor to her throat. she tells him shes suffocating so they go for a walk in the rain, stopping at a bench in front of a church. she tells him that shes dreamed of him all her life, asks him to kiss her and says "you dont love me". she brings out the straight razor and tells him to kill her. you see her taking her shoes off and rubbing her feet in the mud and then blood drops and she lays still. he leaves her there and goes to meet his lover. they go away and are caught 3 days later, both sentenced to death and never speak to each other again.