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European film, maybe German...please help!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2001 3:53 am
by kuzma725
I saw this a couple of years ago - it was probably made in the 90's, but could've been earlier. All I remember is parts of the plot: a middle-aged man, maybe a writer or journalist, or even an artist, who lives alone and constantly talks into a tape recorder about what is happening to him. His life is pretty mundane, so he doesn't have much to tell and records the silliest and
most insignificant details, which is often pretty
amusing. Warning: the next part might actually be from
a different movie which I, for some reason, associate
with the first plot, although I don't believe so...but
read on! At some point, our hero crosses paths with a
young man who is some sort of criminal or is hiding
from the authorities. This character somehow forces
the guy to hide him in his apartment, and there is some kind of conflict building up. I'm not sure about this,
but possibly, in the end it turns out they are father
and son. That's basically all I remember, and the only
thing I'm really sure about is the tape recorder.
Anyway, if you think you saw this, and can give me any
concrete info (approximate year, director, country,
etc.) not to mention the title, your help will be much appreciated.