Streets of Joy?

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Streets of Joy?

Postby peterf » Tue Dec 11, 2001 3:39 am

I am trying to identify a Japanese film that made a great impression on me in the late 1970s. Its theme is something like:

Street of Shame (1956) "With documentary-like realism, Street of Shame follows five prostitutes working in Tokyo's red-light district. Machiko Kyo (Gate of Hell) leads the remarkable ensemble cast as a tough runaway-turned-prostitute. Weaving five individual stories into one film..."

The film I am after has a similar story line and is a very realistic, serious and powerful film about the sex trade in Japan (Tokyo?) but is in color, and I think was made in the mid to late 1970s. Like Streets of Shame, it weaves a number of individual stories into one film.

I thought it was quite a famous film; I have certainly seen it reviewed favourably by serious critics; I also thought it was released in the English-spoeaking world as Streets of Joy, however I can not find a reference to it anywhere on internet movie sites including this one.

If anyone can help me identify it, I would be most grateful.


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