Plese help with name: film or book

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Plese help with name: film or book

Postby drlabitzke » Wed Dec 12, 2001 4:06 pm

In 1981 I saw a color film, which was a remake of a film I saw much earlier in black and white, maybe about the time of "Divorce, Italian Style". I have also read the story in a book but cannot recall the name.

Story opens with tourists being robbed of 1/2 million Lira in a village. Story actually revolves around who is running the village. Old Don runs it at the start but various characters compete for control. A drinking game is played. Money pooled and wine puchased. Lots drawn. Winner can pick a Lt. and then control who can drink and who can talk. Lead male is an architect who want to get married but can't afford it. He has a girl friend (of course). Another main charcter is the Don's "confidential man". Story ends with local tough trying to rape the girl friend but she slices his face. He sends his buddy to town to spread the word that no-one talks about it which impresses the Don. Ends with the girl possessing the 1/2 million Lira so she and the architect can get married.

I would ceratinly appreciate anyone who can come up with the name of either the film or the book.

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