Film Title?

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Film Title?

Postby j6253 » Sat May 11, 2002 11:40 pm

I saw part of this film in the early ninteys. It had subtitles and I think it was Italian. It was about a teenage boys fight with herion addiction. A female character ( I think the boys mother ) was played by a woman that looked like Jill Clayburgh, but I have not been able to find any foreign films in which she appeard. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Film Title?

Postby wvq » Sun May 12, 2002 2:28 am

I suppose this is Bertolucci's La Luna. (And that is Jill Clayburgh.)

Re: Film Title?

Postby nvrennvren » Mon Aug 19, 2002 11:54 am

can jill clayburgh act in italy

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