Requesting Help of Brazilian Film Buffs

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Requesting Help of Brazilian Film Buffs

Postby spaghettisaucestigmata » Tue Oct 22, 2002 4:35 pm

My friend Luci recommended a Brazilian film to me a while back and I can't remember what film it was. It is a recent movie about an American family that moves to Brazil and a group of young poor theives invade their house and tie them up. There is one scene Luci described where one of the young female theives asks to see the breasts of the teenage American girl, as if they would somehow be different than a Brazilian girl's breasts. She said the film deals with the mythological status Brazilians sometimes elevate America to, and the resentment and curiosity that accompanies it.

What is this movie? It sounds so interesting, I want to see it and Luci is beachside in Florianopolis without a computer so I can't ask her. Help!

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