And The Oscar Goes to...

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And The Oscar Goes to...

Postby pre-tender » Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:16 pm

Yep there is 6,5 hours for the oscars:
i just wnate to learn what w foreingfilms lover think about Oscar?
i m still fond of Oscars, why? err cos most of oscars winners or even nominees are still ( i say still cos some critics claims that the prestige of oscars is not high as it is in the past) worth-to-see, yep sometimes i can not understand why they awards so stupidly as it is in the example of Lord of the rings ( it has a best picture nomination; is there any one who gives a chance for LOTR :) ) sometimes i feel that Politics mixes with cinema :)
by-and-by even categories mixes with one another, foreignfilms category is completely confusing :) i tihnk they should create a new sub-categories in foreingfilm part and gradually i realize that "campaign" and "advertisements" are the only thing that convince academy members about oscars but the talent-creativity-pecularity-art...
well but this year they have more good films than last year and i m patient to see Hours,Chicago,Pianist and Gangs of Newyork...
Hope for "Hable Con Ella" and Other nominees good luck :)))

Re: And The Oscar Goes to...

Postby Gaz » Sun Mar 23, 2003 9:39 pm

As a Brit I prefer the Baftas (not least because Stephen Fry is a brilliant host) - they seem naturally less inclined towards Hollywood. But it would be silly to disregard the Oscars completely - I'm looking forward to them. Fingers crossed for Man Without a Past.

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