looking for film titles

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looking for film titles

Postby oddballbob » Sat May 24, 2003 12:53 pm

Saw 2 very good films recently(within the last 2 years).Would enjoy seeing again & hope someone can help me with the titles.First film was French.The plot concerned a man about to be laid off from job.Friend advises him to claim he's gay,he does,job is saved & he becomes interesting to females on job determined to make him straight.Second film Scandanavian or German.Farmer,life long bachelor,lives on farm with mother.when she dies wants female companionship & advertises for housekeeper.Hires woman,unaware she is trying to end bad marriage.They are attracted to each other but jealous friend tries first to seduce woman & then to ruin relationship...Hope someone can help......

Re: looking for film titles

Postby Gaz » Sat May 24, 2003 3:26 pm

The first one's Le Placard (The Closet) starring Daniel Auteuil.


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