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Need help finding film

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2003 3:45 am
by lemonjello1
Hi all,
I know this is a stretch, but here goes. In March 2002, I took an Air France flight from LA to Paris. On the way, I saw French film, subtitled, about a man who fantasizes about a woman he meets in a grocery store (It was a recent film). The film flip-flops back and forth between his relationship with his wife and his lover. It was a comedy, but I cannot remember the name and I am having a hard time communicating with Air France to get a list of films they showed that month. I don't know the names of the actors, nor do I even recall any words from the title--thus I am turning to you for help. But I enjoyed it immensely and would like to see it again--Any ideas?